How To Stop The Government MRAP’s

Can You Stop The Government MRAP Deployment?


Note: The following is for educational and entertainment purposes only. These tactics are merely speculative and not meant to be exercised in any manner.

The Department of Homeland Security, along with over 2,700 law enforcement agencies across the United States of America, have acquired Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Vehicles. These are vehicles designed to be used in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, where IED’s are commonly deployed in an attempt to kill U. S. military personnel. I do not know why law enforcement in America needs these vehicles, designed to resist explosions, bombs, and fire, and can withstand fifty caliber bullets. There are gun and gas ports on these vehicles allowing operators inside to discharge weapons, deploy chemical agents, and a turret on top to control automatic weapons that will lock on approaching targets automatically and destroy them. The ultimate question becomes, why does law enforcement in America need MRAP’s? When was the last time an IED was used in this country on a police vehicle? Why the need for the deep V-shaped hull and explosion resistant, run flat tires? Why the need to carry eight armed operators inside? What is it our law enforcement agencies in America have planned for the citizens? See the map and ask your local officials who they plan on attacking with this vehicle, as it is not for protecting and serving the public.

Militia groups, neighborhood watch groups, and people seeking to live free and throw off the chains of tyranny need to see the signs of the militarization of their police force and realize that MRAP’s are not for drug raids and crack heads; they are designed for the person with the Gadsden Flag, the NRA sticker, and those silly notions about liberty, freedom, the Constitution, and thinking for themselves. You will conform. You will believe. And, if you do not, you better know how to stop an MRAP because it is not easy. They grease the axles of these things with terrorists around the world. Innovative American Freedom Fighters must be creative, active, and vigilant, and be willing to go as far as they must. Remember, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

No matter how good you are with the Poor Man’s James Bond or the Anarchist Cookbook, no matter how big a batch of homemade C4 you can cook up with Vaseline (Known in Germany as Veenerslicker) and match head paste, Caro Syrup, and Moth Balls, the odds are not in your favor that you will damage an MRAP. Due to the superior armament, the ability to deploy operators, chemical agents, and bullets, other methods of managing MRAP’s must be identified and used.

Vehicle Traps:

The MRAP has a very high center of gravity and is prone to tipping. Well-disguised pitfalls (holes in the ground that are disguised) are very effective if done right. Due to the size of an MRAP the minimum size of the hole should be 18 x 8 x 4 and, if covered with a desert camo tarp and dirt, attached to a thin PVC frame. When you lead the MRAP down the road and it hits the pitfall, the V hull will cause it to roll to one side, preferably the right side, putting the driver in the air, partially pinning the door in the rear as an exit. Snipers, set up in advance, can use suppressing fire at points of exit to gain surrender and submission of prisoners without having to further injure fellow Americans.

Tip and Disable:

Luring the MRAP with a decoy vehicle, your band of merry freedom fighters can use a variety of methods, but they all end in tipping the MRAP. Get the MRAP to pursue a bait car, lead them to a confined spot where the bait car can slow at a blind alley/street/building and allow for a forklift or semi mounted with the lift/hitch used for hauling manufactured homes (modified with a fork or forks) or a crawler commonly used in the manufactured home industry to engage the target from the side, turning it turtle, using gravity as a weapon by lifting the near side and dumping upon the far side. Once again, sniper teams can engage as occupants attempt to exit, allowing for capture without injury, so that operators can be interrogated later (a subject that will be covered in great detail in an article to come later).

Undesirable Conditions:

Using heavy equipment, open/visible pitfalls, trap the MRAP, be creative, drop a concrete block behind it, whatever it takes, pin it in place, then make life uncomfortable for the occupants inside:

  1. Deploy sniper and counter sniper teams.
  2. Open any hydrants around the MRAP, flooding the street.
  3. Drop power lines upon the MRAP & water.
  4. Snipe the air tanks that control the devices that aid in opening the doors.
  5. If they will not surrender, light a flare, drop it in the fuel tank and walk away.

Knowing Before Doing:

Before you attempt to take down an MRAP during a time of tyranny, when the government has come for us, all of us, there are some simple rules that you must follow that must be adhered to: Anyone you do not know is a cop, all phones are monitored, all electronic communications are monitored, always look up. When you deploy, first deploy sniper teams and counter sniper teams, not for MRAP’s but for drones. The eye in the sky will betray you if you do not get to them first.

Be safe. Enjoy. And know that this is all in fun – unless the government deploys MRAP’s and attacks the people, and then it is not.

Freedom Outlaw – Master of Disaster




Why Is It Safe To Be Anything But White And HeteroSexual?

Why is it acceptable to be anything or anyone in the United States of America [USA] but a white heterosexual male? Why? Apparently I was not paying attention when that happened and the transformation [not a slight against the Transgendered, Trannies, Chicks With Dicks or Guys Who Talk Too Much…whatever they are called these days] slid on by like a warm summer breeze [not a reference to a feminine hygiene product and in no way a slight towards women]. Everyone is expected to be tolerant, understanding and respectful of everyone else, except white males and white male conservative, Republican, gun owning, law abiding, Constitution loving, alpha males. It appears that Ted Nugent and I are on the endangered species list. However, everything the Southern Poverty Law Center defends is to be held in high esteem and to that I say, “no way, dude”. Being free, white and me is “Double Live Gonzo”; it’s “Intensity in Ten Cities” and “Stranglehold” all rolled up into one. All of these other special interest hacks have forgotten one thing while getting their “Rights” on…The Constitution and Bill of Rights is for everyone. If you are a citizen of the USA, it does not matter what color, gender, sexual preference or national origin you are, your rights are protected. Me, I’m part of two of the largest persecuted groups in history, the American Indian [or, Native Americans for you special snowflakes out there] and the Irish [which means I can drink more and still fight better than all of you special snowflakes….and, my people were treated worse and held in slavery longer than others – look it up]. Where is White History Month? All of the special interest groups would scream their collective heads off if someone proposed that. Why? Why indeed. We have Black History Month, Gay Pride Month, Hispanic Heritage Month and Cinco De Mayo. We let Islam celebrate victories over the USA and are allowing them to invade us even though they will kill the liberals and gays first, proving once again that the Left is so open minded their brains seem to have fallen out. So, I ask again, Why? Why do we allow such lunacy when everyone would scream if there was a Congressional White Caucus?

It is not racist to demand a Congressional White Caucus when there is a Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Congressional LGBT Caucus, and the Congressional Progressive Caucus a.k.a. The Marxists. It would be rude to exclude the Congressional Women’s Caucus because they like a big, big caucus. I am sure the Democrat Party and the Congressional Women’s Caucus would like all of us, particularly us white heterosexual men, to forget about them breaking the glass ceiling [Four Times] and how well that went. Why is it everyone but white people can have a representative group and it not be racist? And, when white people form a representative group the Left calls them the Ku Klux Klan [KKK], a group the Democrats founded? Why can’t the whites be as free as thee?

Black History Month is founded upon lies and all people, not just blacks and other minorities, are expected to suspend belief in facts and reality for the month of February each year to give liberals and minorities a chance to feel better about themselves. We are only helping keep minorities on the Democrat Plantation by doing this.

As Michelle Malkin said, “Only in America could critics of a group called “The Race” be labeled racists. Such is the triumph of left-wing identity chauvinists, whose aggressive activists and supine abettors have succeeded in redefining all opposition as “hate.”” If a group of Caucasians started a group called “The Race” with its defining mission statement being to advance and promote The Race [The White Race], the United States would be ablaze with shouts of “racism”. But when “La Raza” does it, everyone cowers in fear because they are afraid of being labeled a racist. Let us get this straight – La Raza is racist, as is any other racial identity group. There is nothing wrong with racial identity politics provided all races are represented equally, as the Constitution states. The problem arises when not everyone is treated equally. Right now, the heterosexual white male is under attack. This was part of a prophecy from long ago.

The white heterosexual male is targeted by the Left because they have known for a century, all the way back to the days of Margaret Sanger, that eugenics works and that despite cobbling together a coalition of know-it-all leftist minorities and know-nothing white liberals the Democrats are still the party of eugenics, which is why they support Planned Parenthood, a group that only places abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods, because killing minority babies is what liberals do.

God forbid you believe in God. If you are Conservative, straight, gay, LGBTQ, white, male, or hold a different view on gay marriage than the Bullies of the LGBT, be careful because “LGBT Stands For “Lesbian and Gay Bullying Totalitarians”.  The Gay Left is a hate group, just as Black Lives Matter and the KKK are. Leftist hypocrisy is the root of all evil.

In the USA, the Constitution is the rule of law and the Bill of Rights is the rule of law and that is a fact, Jack. Our Natural Rights, our God-Given Rights, are laid out in the Bill of Rights and no person or group of persons can take them away. We The People have an obligation to either do away with identity politics and ban hate groups such as these Caucus Groups and various racial identity groups or accept them and allow for a Congressional White Caucus, the National Association for the Advancement of White People [NAAWP], The White Race [a group to counter La Raza], expansion of GOProud, White History Month and a host of other Caucasian-focused groups, including reparations for the Irish, to make up for what was done to them in America, as well as reparations to make up for all the white slaves held in the USA. Free at last, free at last will never be until we are all free, and that includes whitey.

Bill Turner – The Freedom Outlaw – The Constitution Is The Rule Of Law Stupid


Say NO To Teachers And School Supplies!

It is that time of the year when second mortgages are taken out and home equity lines of credit are extended so that parents can purchase an ever-increasing list of school supplies for their children, all the while school principals and superintendents receive car allowances and salaries that are in excess of what is reasonable for what little they do. Those salaries, benefits and car allowances take away from the supplies the children they monitor could be getting and force parents to cut into their already thin budgets in order to purchase things like paper, pencils and the like for classrooms run by whiney, overpaid teachers who come out of the woodwork this time of year, to complain about working less than nine months a year and being highly underpaid. This is what is called malarkey, a lie, or straight out bullshit.

The National Education Association (NEA) promotes the lie that teachers are underpaid by stating that teachers make $30,377 a year. This is propaganda AKA bullshit or lies. The actual teacher salary is much higher, approximately $48,000 a year, for a part time job. When you see a teacher sniveling on Facebook like I did the other night, or whining at a Parent/Teacher Conference you now have the information you need to tell him or her to shut up and stop sniveling like a brat. After all, they not only chose their profession, they chose the state in which they work, and that makes a difference in how much they get paid. It isn’t as if they are first responders, risking their lives, getting shot at, stabbed or worse, they are only teachers, working a part time job and getting paid far better than most of the parents of the children they teach.

There is a reason First Responders get paid more than teachers, they work year-round and they risk their lives doing their jobs. You see, EMT’s, Fire Fighters and Law Enforcement Officers average $7,000 more a year than the average teacher. But, the average whiney teacher doesn’t run into burning buildings, get into fights, get stabbed or shot at on a daily basis, the average teacher is just a whiner. And, when I call a First Responder I don’t have to buy supplies like I do for my kids going to school. First Responders do not require me to purchase bandages, gauze, hose, ammunition or things like teachers do such as paper, pencils, and such, First Responders come prepared for the job. Teachers just whine about the job and expect me to pay for supplies.

I will take a First Responder over a Teacher any day. Teachers are first class whiners, snivelers and despite having a class and classroom, they have no class. Tell your child’s school and teacher “NO” to school supplies and the like this year, not until teacher wages are brought down by twenty five percent and car allowances for administrators are gone. Stand up for your kids.

Bill Turner – The Freedom Outlaw


I Am

I am Shakespeare, I am a tragedy, I am a comedy, I am history

I will not be commanded or controlled, my soul writes its own

Dressed in black I join the Murder I touch Gods hand and become King

I know the words of my father and the Heavenly Father Above

I am my own man, I fly with black accepting Gods love


They will never come get me, no hands in the sky, no time to die

I am a soldier for God and the fight will not bring a tear to those near

No bullet is how I shall die my soul writes its own as I touch the hand of God

Greed and corruption will not touch my soul I command my own

Take the hand of God and be under thine command reap what you’ve sown


Darkness streaming all around, refusing to succumb to the evermore

Dressed in black I join the Murder I touch Gods hand and become King

Soaring high above I see all welcome to the Murder nothing escapes

Sometimes if you want to get to heaven you must raise a little hell

No different than a whuppin’ to hear Curtis to play the Dobro, what the hell


Dress in black, join the Murder, touch Gods hand and become King

I will not be commanded or controlled, my soul writes its own

I am Shakespeare, I am a tragedy, I am a comedy, I am history

Love deeply, love true and never regret who you are if your true

Love is right, love rings true and love has no regrets when love is true


Bill Turner – American Poet

Open Letter For Oil And Jobs

June 29, 2017


TO: President Donald J. Trump

Energy Secretary Rick Perry


Dear President Trump and Energy Secretary Perry,

We the people of the United States of America and the citizens of Colorado demand to know why the State of Colorado is void of jobs, good jobs, oil and natural gas jobs. Vast oil and natural gas fields in towns and cities across Western Colorado were killed by B. Hussein Obama so that the USA could purchase oil from terrorist regimes in the Middle East and undermine the US position as the top energy-producing nation in the world and further eliminate jobs in America. People in towns and cities such as Rangely, Grand Junction, White River, Meeker, Glenwood Springs and more are living in ghost towns compared to what they should be living in and what they used to be living in.

Colorado can lead the USA back to energy independence. Colorado can lead the USA out of the economic slump Obama put us in. Colorado is the path to salvation in our economic recovery as a nation. It is time for recovery from the previous eight years of socialist crushing economic policies. Let us put America first. Always.

Rick Perry and President Trump, please open drilling for oil and natural gas in Colorado. Restore jobs in Colorado and undo the Obama era policies that killed energy and jobs in the USA. It is time for the United States of America to return to greatness again, to undo the errors of Obama and the Marxist Left. It is time. Period.

Bill Turner – Future Sheriff of Teller County, Colorado



Public Notice: Teller County Colorado, Teller County Sheriff, Woodland Park Police Department, Woodland Park Colorado

Defendant is 100 percent permanently disabled, a diabetic, has diabetic peripheral neuapathy, is recovering from two major abdominal surgeries, PTSD, compressed spinal disks that lead to limited ability to stand and sit, as well as focus.  The Defendant in this case is limited to at most an hour of court time due to the pain and suffering he has endures on a daily basis and cannot participate in back to back trial days due to the physical and emotion stress such duress would cause.

Defendant is 100 percent permanently disabled, a diabetic, has diabetic peripheral neuapathy, is recovering from two major abdominal surgeries, PTSD, compressed spinal disks that lead to limited ability to stand and sit, as well as focus.  The Defendant in this case is limited to at most an hour of court time due to the pain and suffering he has endures on a daily basis and cannot participate in back to back trial days due to the physical and emotion stress such duress would cause. 
The Defendant would need to be able to move about the courtroom at will during the one hour a day courtroom jury trial, sitting and standing at will, in order to accommodate his physical, emotional and mental well being during the lengthy jury trial.  Mr. Turner is likely to need a RN on standby at the court house, in the courtroom, due to his six emergency room visits to the hospital in Woodland Park Colorado since his move to Woodland Park April First, 2017, two of which have occurred since his short incarceration at the Teller County Jail, and the abuse he incurred at the hands of the jailers, transport staff and court personnel at his first day in court.  It is possible that this trial could shorten the Defendants life substantially.  However, that Civil Rights violation will be covered under separate cover. 
@WarHammerRadio – Civil Rights Are Disability Rights

Woodland Park PD Afraid Of Former LEO They Lied About

At approximately 6:30 p.m. on May 21, 2017, I went to the Woodland Park Police Department and spoke with Officer Hernandez.  I told him I had not heard from my husband in 24 hours and I was worried about him because of his poor health.  I told him I did not have a key to the condo.  I told him I had gone to the condo first and knocked loudly on the front and back doors with no response.  My husband’s vehicle was parked in front of the condo.  Officer Hernandez said he was not going to check on him because, he said, “he might kill me”.  He asked me who bailed him out of jail and I said I did.  He said, well, I would have to just call my landlord to let me in.  I said my husband could be in a diabetic coma or dead and the police needed to check on him.  I said this was a 911 visit.  The officer asked me if my husband had threatened to kill himself and I said no.  He then went into the back for a few minutes.  When he returned he said he talked to his supervisor and they agreed that no one was going to check on my husband.
D****e T****r
@WarHammerRadio – When Porky Pisses Himself

Teller County Colorado Is No Place To Visit – Cripple Creek Is Crippling To Justice

On 5.17.2017 while incarcerated in the Teller County Colorado Jail in Divide Colorado I was awoke at 0500hrs to be taken to court in Cripple Creek Colorado. By 0632hrs I was placed in full restraints (belly chains, cuffed in front, leg irons) and by 0722hrs I was stuffed into the back of a Ford Excursion with another pre-trial inmate, unseat belted and as we drove on the icy, snowy road, to the court house in Cripple Creek Colorado, on a road marked 40 mph, during a snow storm, the male officer was driving over 60 mph while passing the snow plow and sliding on the road. The other inmate and I were then placed into a small steel holding cell with steel seats, a concrete floor, no water, no toilet, locked in, kept in full belly chains, cuffs, leg irons and no heat. We were forced to remain in the cell all day, with a sack lunch, locked in the cell, feet and hands swelling, body waste being expelled into our jail uniforms. No one was in the basement to supervise us, take us to the restroom, unchain a hand to allow us to clean ourselves and then return us to our cells. We were locked in the cell, restrained until 1742hrs, when we were placed back into the transport vehicle and driven back to the main jail at Divide Colorado, on snowy/icy roads at speeds over 60 mph, unseat belted, doors unlocked, in a 40-mph zone. Being a former prison official, attempting to survive in general population, the female officer put my life at risk by identifying me as such to staff and jail population inmates alike, putting my life at risk. Filing grievances upon my return to the jail, after being in restraints, locked in a cold cell, in an unheated basement for over twelve hours, I requested to see medical, place the officers under citizen’s arrest and be moved to protective custody. The grievances were not answered and I was left in general population wherein I had to respond to threats with potential violence in order to survive. Complaints have been filed with the ACLU and civil rights lawsuits are to follow.

Worse yet, the Teller County Colorado Jail does not have a written kite, grievance or lawsuit system for offenders. It is a “paperless jail” in which the Sheriff does not allow the inmates to have paper to keep notes, write, communicate, file legal letters, write to attorneys, and if they write to the ACLU, the letters are torn up and given back to them with a smirk. Call the jail and demand the civil rights be returned to the inmate. Call the ACLU and demand that they file lawsuits on behalf of all the inmates within the jail. If you live in Colorado, picket and protest along Highway 24 while calling the media and alerting them, so that you are protected against these monsters. Help the helpless.

@WarHammerRadio – Tell Teller County To Piss Off (719) 687-9652


Woodland Park Colorado PD – Chicken Shit Ticket Writers

On 5.16.2017 an unidentified Sergeant from the Woodland Park Colorado Police Department called my home at approximately 0932hrs and accused me of “Felony Mayhem” for allegedly threatening to kill my adult son from a marriage (step son). The Sergeant told me to turn myself in at the Teller County Colorado Jail in Divide Colorado. I asked the alleged Sergeant when this was alleged to have occurred. The chickenshit ticket writer stated that I did this the night before. When I asked him if I was such a “Felony Menace, why didn’t he send his officers out to arrest me the night I was alleged to have been a “Felony Menace” to the public. The donut munching chickenshit ticket writer demonstrated my alleged threat to the public and his commitment to protect and serve the people of Woodland Park Colorado by stating, “I was told you had the house booby trapped and you were sitting in the dark armed to the teeth waiting for us”.

I followed up by asking this bastion of manhood, “Who told you this bold lie?” and he stated, “Your accuser”. When I asked him, “During your investigation, did you check the accusers background and discover that he is seeking disability from Social Security based upon his mental health issues such as being bipolar, having anti-social personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, as well as two other significant violent mental health issues.” And the chickenshit ticket writer stated, “No”. When I followed up and asked if he was aware that this seriously self-identified mentally ill person had signed federal firearms forms (3) in the last six months stating he was not mentally ill, when he was, per him, and had been institutionalized by the state of Washington in the past three years, and was illegally owning guns, he stated, “No”, so I followed it up with, “So you haven’t investigated shit?” He replied, “Be at the jail in an hour or we will come get you”.

Keep in mind, the night before, he was too frightened to come get me, when I was unaware of any of this, and not guilty of any of the “Felony Menacing” charges, but now that he had told me the lies and pissed me off, he suddenly went from chickenshit ticket writer to super hero. Bravery, intelligence and boldness, nowhere to be seen in this piece of pork.

@WarHammerRadio – Felony “Dennis The” Menace


LA-Z-BOY Show Case Galleries

Dear LA-Z-BOY Furniture Galleries (Select Galleries) Jim Hendren:

This is a demand for ethical treatment of Daniel Wade Thompson, for a litany of damages done to him by LA-Z-BOY Furniture Galleries (Select Galleries), Jim Hendren, his direct reports, their subordinates et. Al.

Your signed LA-Z-BOY Furniture Galleries of Colorado Springs Employee Handbook states that you and your employees “agree to”:

“…use creative measures to get the desired outcome” (Sentence reads: I am will to use creative measure to get the desired outcome).

“We operate the store in a way that makes money. The store is the boss.”

The implication here is clear, you and your staff will lie, cheat and steal to make money. This was made clear in the following instances regarding myself, Daniel Wade Thompson. Listed below are just a sample of the matters that allowed me to arrive at this conclussion:

Violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA): Forcing Mr. Thompson and other employees in my class to clock in early and go without lunch. The Warehouse Supervisor Mike Lockhart is known for stating, “Being on time is late. You will clock in no earlier than five minutes before your scheduled shift or you are late and you will cost all of your co-workers their bonuses”.

HIPPA Violations: Supervisor Mike Lockhart telling Daniel W. Thompson not to file a Labor & Industries report for an on the job injury to avoid a claim, a potential lawsuit and higher premiums. Mr. Lockhart telling Daniel Thompson’s co-workers that Daniel is bipolar, has extreme anger issues and his personal medical information. Due to Mr. Daniel W. Thompson’s Polymorphous Light Eruption, a sun allergy, which is actually a disease, Mr. Lockhart repeatedly called Mr. Thompson a “Vampire” in the presence of co-workers and others in the employment of LA-Z-BOY Furniture Galleries of Colorado Springs, as well as referring to Mr. Thompson and another employee (Ben Young) as the “Angry Team” due to the violation of both Mr. Young and Mr. Thompson’s rights.

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA): Mr. Mike Lockhart, acting as an agent of LA-Z-BOY Furniture Galleries, Jim Hendren and LA-Z-BOY Corporate Franchising repeatedly violated ADA and HIPPA by publicly humiliating, Mr. Thompson, by referring to him as a “Whiny little bitch” in team meetings, in the warehouse and whenever in the presence of other employees. During the course of the Department of Labor and Industries investigating the injury to Mr. Thompson, Mike Lockhart had the other employees refuse to return calls to the investigator under threat of retaliation.

It should be noted that retaliation was taken against Mr. Thompson for being honest regarding the Bose Speaker Wire issue despite the Employee Handbook (a semi-literate item that will make a great evidentiary piece and nice item for the Colorado Springs Gazette). It should also be noted that the “alleged handbook” refers to the EEO and to the Human Resources Department, neither of which exist at LA-Z-BOY Furniture Galleries, something the corporate folks will take interest in. How long has Mike Lockhart engaged in nepotism, supervising his wife? It appears that there are many personal and personnel issues at this location that can and should only be corrected via lawsuits, settlements and government agency interrogatories.

Mr. Thompsons evaluations scored significantly higher than the marks given. When Mr. Thompson asked Mike Lockhart about this difference and the opportunity to speak with Mr. Hendren, Mr. Lockhart replied, “This is my warehouse and I run it how I want”. It appears that Mr. Lockhart has undue influence on day to day operations. The question remains, why?

LA-Z-BOY Furniture Galleries appears to be operating outside the LA-Z-BOY Corporate Franchisee Operational Guidelines and outside the ethical boundaries of LA-Z-BOY Corporate, but well within the local guidelines of Jim Hendren, corrupt owner of Showcase Galleries, driven by profit, not people


Daniel Wade Thompson