Woodland Park PD Afraid Of Former LEO They Lied About

At approximately 6:30 p.m. on May 21, 2017, I went to the Woodland Park Police Department and spoke with Officer Hernandez.  I told him I had not heard from my husband in 24 hours and I was worried about him because of his poor health.  I told him I did not have a key to the condo.  I told him I had gone to the condo first and knocked loudly on the front and back doors with no response.  My husband’s vehicle was parked in front of the condo.  Officer Hernandez said he was not going to check on him because, he said, “he might kill me”.  He asked me who bailed him out of jail and I said I did.  He said, well, I would have to just call my landlord to let me in.  I said my husband could be in a diabetic coma or dead and the police needed to check on him.  I said this was a 911 visit.  The officer asked me if my husband had threatened to kill himself and I said no.  He then went into the back for a few minutes.  When he returned he said he talked to his supervisor and they agreed that no one was going to check on my husband.
D****e T****r
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