Open Letter For Oil And Jobs

June 29, 2017


TO: President Donald J. Trump

Energy Secretary Rick Perry


Dear President Trump and Energy Secretary Perry,

We the people of the United States of America and the citizens of Colorado demand to know why the State of Colorado is void of jobs, good jobs, oil and natural gas jobs. Vast oil and natural gas fields in towns and cities across Western Colorado were killed by B. Hussein Obama so that the USA could purchase oil from terrorist regimes in the Middle East and undermine the US position as the top energy-producing nation in the world and further eliminate jobs in America. People in towns and cities such as Rangely, Grand Junction, White River, Meeker, Glenwood Springs and more are living in ghost towns compared to what they should be living in and what they used to be living in.

Colorado can lead the USA back to energy independence. Colorado can lead the USA out of the economic slump Obama put us in. Colorado is the path to salvation in our economic recovery as a nation. It is time for recovery from the previous eight years of socialist crushing economic policies. Let us put America first. Always.

Rick Perry and President Trump, please open drilling for oil and natural gas in Colorado. Restore jobs in Colorado and undo the Obama era policies that killed energy and jobs in the USA. It is time for the United States of America to return to greatness again, to undo the errors of Obama and the Marxist Left. It is time. Period.

Bill Turner – Future Sheriff of Teller County, Colorado




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